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Useful Links

Some links we think you will find useful and interesting.

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Alice’s Escapes:                                                            Alice’s Escapes is a charity run by a team of volunteers committed to providing free holidays for families with a seriously ill child. The idea for Alice’s Escapes came after Alice and her family spent a week being looked after by the Torbay Holiday Helper’s Network (THHN), based in Devon. All accommodation, food, outings and activities were given with the compliments of local businesses. After many years of gruelling treatments, Alice and her family were able to step back and experience ‘normal’ family life. They aim to give this opportunity to all such families to ‘escape’ and enjoy some peace and relaxation in the beautiful Lake District.

Acupuncture That Works:                                          Emma Guy qualified in 2011 as an Acupuncturist at the Healing & Acupuncture College in Bath and achieved a Dip Ac with Shulan College of Chinese Medicine in Manchester 2015.
Emma owns and runs Acupuncture That Works in Northwich; a very successful acupuncture clinic with a team of four practitioners. She has also worked for over four years at St Luke’s Hospice in Winsford, specialising in Acupuncture for Cancer patients.
Her experience with Oncology and Acupuncture has led to a deep knowledge and understanding of how Acupuncture can help with palliative and restorative care. Emma pioneered the use of the ‘Guy Protocol’ to treat patients suffering from hot flushes in post operative cancer care. Read more about the Guy Protocol here:

the big scary ‘C’ word:
Taking breast cancer by the balls, beating it to a pulp and leaving it cowering in the corner

The Mesothelioma Group:
A Mesothelioma support centre, providing visitors with step-by-step guidance, caregiving support, and invaluable resources and information.

Maggie’s Centres:
Maggie’s is about empowering people to live with, through and beyond cancer by bringing together professional help, communities of support and building design to create exceptional centres for cancer care. Maggie’s Centres are for anyone affected by cancer.

Bethany’s Wish:
Wilms Tumour Charity UK. We want children diagnosed with cancer to be able to smile through the darkness, just like Bethany did.